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Gregg Lofthouse from Design Grid completed his NVQ Level 6 in Construction Site Management in May 2024. He said: "Thank you very much, I learned a lot to be honest while doing it, mainly about setting up sites and stuff you need in place etc, also the amount of paperwork you have to sort before jobs can start. It's really helped me with stakeholder meetings on site as well".

When we did an Confined Spaces Supervisor course back in February David Low attended and gave us some feedback. Recently we got in touch with him about how the course changed his habit, he had the following to say "Since my supervisors confined space course I now go more in depth with my briefs. I do with all my briefs nowadays, not just the ones about confined spaces".

In February 2024  we had a Abrasive Wheel and Manual Handling course which Nathan attended. Recently when asked how he found the course he said that "it gave me a an underpinning confidence that I lacked. Now I feel a lot more confindent in doing jobs with a STILHL like grinding which was something I always felt unprepared for".

Warren Cairns who works for Leck Construction attended the course in January 2024 and said recently "Yes I have made changes after attending the course. I'm more aware of reading risk assessments on the task to be done on site. I also completed a C.O.S.H.H. course on the back of attending your course to be more aware of the risk of hazardous materials in the workplace and on site".

Mike Calvert who works for Thomas Armstrong Ltd attended the course in January 2024 and said "I haven't had any scaffolding on my contract as yet, but if and when I do, I'll certainly be more proactive in checking at handover stage, and getting certificate of compliance from the scaffolders, before putting into use".

  Craig Fisher who is a Project Manager on Sellafield undertook asbestos awareness training with us in January 2024 and 3 months later said: "We have used the knowledge from the training on my works where there have been two projects where excavation works have needed to take place. Prior to us commencing works I delivered a toolbox talk on asbestos and how it may harm you and what to do if you come across it".

Gary from Michael Thompson Ltd said "Overall, I enjoyed undertaking this qualification. Dave, my assessor was a great helping hand. He was always available to offer advice or support where needed. The overall content of this qualification was good and I don't think I have any real negatives about it. My IT skills have improved massively since undertaking this qualification. It's also allowed me to see and understand certain aspects of my current role differently, perhaps with more clarity and certainly with more knowledge".  

To all of the delegates that attended our Signing, lighting and guarding course, thank you for trying your best and leaving some feedback. “Important things that I learned on the course was stuff like how to use the traffic signals to make the traffic management setup. I will think more about the traffic setup when putting up traffic signals to make sure that it interacts with the traffic in the right way. Thought the instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly.” “Most important thing I learned on the course was about the worker

Thank you to all the delegates that gave us feedback for our Confined Spaces course in Sellafield.   “The most important thing I’ve learned on the course was the importance of paperwork when working with confined spaces. Stuff like the entry and rescue procedures are very important to make sure everyone stays safe. Because of this I will try to read the paperwork more thoroughly, also to include the workforce when making the risk assessment to make sure everyone is on the same page and to think of all the risks. I

Cormac Bignall-Young undertook NVQ Level 3 in Heritage Plastering. He said: "The most important thing I learned was the various types of lime and clay which can be used as a plaster. Thanks to this course I know every step of making my own. From finding and testing suitable clays to different finish applications. Thanks to this knowledge I have more adaptability when plastering in an authentically historical manner as I now have the knowledge to adapt my mixes by availability of resources and the backgrounds being plastered".