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Working in Confined Spaces – High Risk 6160-03

August 6

This high risk confined space training course is designed for those who enter and work in high risk confined spaces. On this course, delegates will learn how to prepare to work safely, enter and exit high risk confined spaces safely, use equipment and tools safely, follow procedures and deal with emergencies.

During the practical assessment delegates will need to provide their ability to safely enter and work in a high risk confined space wearing breathing apparatus. Learners will also be assessed donning and exiting a confined space under emergency conditions.

Candidates must hold in date Confined Spaces Medium Risk (6160-02 or 6160-09) certificate.

This training course covers what you need to know to work safely in high risk confined spaces. and high risk control entry awareness.

A high risk confined space is a space in which a specified risk cannot be eliminated or controlled to an acceptable level, or where breathing apparatus is required. Entry may involve complex entry procedures and it will entail the use of breathing apparatus. Candidates on this course will complete practical training in a simulated confined space (such as an indoor tunnel) containing one or more specified risks:

  • Fire or explosion
  • Loss of consciousness from an increase in body temperature
  • Loss of consciousness or asphyxiation from gas, fume, vapour or lack of oxygen
  • Drowning from an increase in liquid levels
  • Asphyxiation from a free flowing solid

Candidates will learn how to:

  • Prepare to work safely in high risk confined spaces
  • Enter and exit high risk confined spaces safely
  • Use equipment and tools safely
  • Follow working procedures and work safely
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Understand the principles of working in high risk confined spaces
  • Understand standard protocols for working in high risk confined spaces
  • High risk control entry awareness

Event Details

Date: August 6
Time: -
Venue: Rome Street, Carlisle
Address: Construction Training Centre, Rome Street
Organizer Name: BTP Cumbria
Phone: 01229 826262