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Manual Handling + Abrasive Wheel

May 30

Manual Handling

The aim of this course is to raise awareness of the risks from manual handling so that you understand more about your responsibilities and how to carry out your job role safely.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, learners will be aware of:

  • Why you need to know about manual handling
  • What manual handling is
  • The main laws governing manual handling in the workplace
  • The key hazards and risks associated with manual handling
  • The main ways to avoid or reduce the risks that manual handling presents
  • Good manual handling techniques


Abrasive Wheel

This course is aimed at those who are required to operate angle grinders (fitted with cutting or grinding wheels), cut-off saws and bench top cut-off saws as part of their daily work activities.

What the course covers:

• Legislation, regulations, ACoPs and HSE guidance
• Abrasive wheel specification, wheel types and application
• Wheel marking and identification (British Standard Marking System)
• Abrasive wheel hazards and safe use
• Wheel inspection, storage & transportation
• Wheel mounting, guarding and good practice
• Equipment safety – Identifying damaged wheels and faulty equipment
• Effects on health:
– risks from silica dust
– hand-arm vibration
• Control measures – PPE and RPE
– eye protection
– respiratory protection
– ear protection
– hand / arm hazards and protection
• Practical demonstration
– safe fitting of abrasive wheels
• Theoretical and practical assessment

Event Details

Date: May 30
Time: -
Venue: Rome Street, Carlisle
Address: Construction Training Centre, Rome Street