When windows are removed during the renovation of existing buildings or before they are fitted in new builds, the opening which is left creates a hazard which is high risk (50% of deaths on
construction sites are caused by falls from height). Workers can not only fall through the opening created from the inside of the building but also through the opening from the outside of the building if they are working off scaffolding.

Current solutions

Scaffolding: Costs of erecting appropriate scaffolding and the time involved means that workers and/or employers are pressurized into accepting the risks in order to get the job done on time and to budget.

Acrow props: Heavy and cumbersome. Also likely to damage mullions, rendering, rough cast etc. This invention will provide a lightweight, quick and cost effective alternative.

Statement of invention
The GAP-BAR is a guard rail (3 of differing lengths are available) with a threaded bar running through it which means it can be easily extended to suit the size of the window opening. It can also be locked to prevent theft.

Advantages of the GAP-BAR™
Lightweight and easy to handle
Cost effective
Inter-changeable ends
Easily adjusted by hand
Less likely to damage mullions, rendering, rough cast etc

The GAP-BAR™ is multi-functional and could be used in many other situations.

Les Jones, SHE Manager for Pochin Construction Ltd said: "Pochin construction had a fall from height issue on a project in Manchester where persons could fall during the process of timber cladding around the internal portion of a number of window reveals. Conventional hand rails were to slow and cumbersome and we were able to fined a solution using the Gap-Bar system. The system provided a simple solution to our issue making it safe and secure for our operatives".


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